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Taiwan Green Dragon

Taiwan Green Dragon

Momordica charantia


Bitter Melon is an important ingredient in many cuisines and has recognized health benefits. It's an acquired taste, but once acquired it’s addicting. The Taiwan Green Dragon seed was collected in Taiwan in 2018, and has since been cultivated in Hawai'i. This variety of Bitter Melon has nice dark green, long fruits. The taste is bitter enough, but not too bitter for most people who adore Bitter Melon. The vine needs to be trellised as it is a vigorous climber. It can also be grown in a screenhouse to avoid fruit fly pressure, but then must be hand pollinated as the plant has separate male and female flowers. Can direct seed or transplant. Harvest when fruits are large, but still green - if left too long on the vine the fruit turns bright orange, but then you can harvest the seeds (which are coated in bright red slime). Great information is available at the World Vegetable Center:  Suggested Cultural Practices for Bitter Gourd 

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