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Day Length Neutral Winged Bean

Day Length Neutral Winged Bean


Open Pollinated

Psophocarpus tetragonolobus


This green winged bean is day length neutral, meaning it will produce year around -  as opposed to our wonderful Chimbu Purple Winged Bean, which only produces in the shorter days between the fall and spring equinoxes. This Day Length Neutral variety originally came from ECHO in Florida, who partners with farmers and NGO organizations to provide open pollinated seeds and training of sustainable farming methods to global communities suffering from poverty. This variety has beautiful light blue flowers and short to medium length green pods. It needs a good, strong trellis to support it's robust growth and abundant pods.


Winged beans have been a staple food in tropical Asia for centuries. This perennial vegetable thrives in hot, humid weather and all parts of the plant are edible.  To learn more about how to prepare and cook the winged bean watch these videos.

1) Tasting Hawai'i with Molokai Chef, James Temple

2) Selecting, preparing and cooking tips

3) Healthy Village Food, cooking winged beans with my mom



Depth:  1"

Space:  6" to 1 foot

Sun: Partial to full sun

Days to Harvest: 75 - 90 

10 seeds per packet


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