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Margaret Krimm Butterhead Lettuce

Margaret Krimm Butterhead Lettuce


Margaret Krimm Lettuce is a Butterhead type with large, fluffy, soft and lime green leaves that have a very delicate flavor. The taste is distinguished by a soft texture and buttery feel in the mouth, as if the leaves are half-dressed as they come off the plant. For some, these are the highest form of lettuce. We have a blog post about this variety.


Open pollinated -


Cultivation: Lettuce is easy to grow. Start 5-10 seeds in a small “community pot” and transplant into cells or a flat when they have a few sets of true leaves. Or, you could plant a single seed in each cell and bring up to transplant stage. Lettuce can be direct seeded all year long in improved garden or potting soil. Lettuce loves full sun, and consistent watering. Plant 4-6 inches apart so that when they mature, the plants will just touch, covering the soil and lessen weeding.


Depth: 1/2"

Spacing: 6”-10”

Full Sun

Days to Maturity: 50-60

40 seeds per packet


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