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'Mushroom' Marigold Mix

'Mushroom' Marigold Mix


A dramatically colored mix of three varieties refined by Alan Kapuler of Peace Seeds (Red Metamorphs, Frances Choice, China Cat).


Plants grow 2-3 feet tall and produce many multicolored long lasting flowers. The scent of the marigold repel animals and insects, will also repel root-knot nematodes.


Plants thrive in the sun. Avoid overhead watering, fertilize lightly. Heavy fertilizing will produce bushy plants with few blossoms. Great for companion planting. Space about 3ʻ apart in masses or as separate plants in vegetable beds for that highlight of color and insect resistance. Feed the blooms to your chickens for a rich yellow yolk coloring.


Open Pollinated - approx. 2gm/pkt.



Depth: 1/2"

Space: 3" apart.

Full sun

Maturity: 31 days

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