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Red Zebra Pole Bean

Red Zebra Pole Bean


A hard to find heirloom pole bean with beautiful lavendar to purple flowers.  3" green pods are borne in clusters and the plants produce prolifically.


Delicious eaten as a green shell bean or left to ripen on the vine, dried and used as a dry bean. The beans will retain their unique red-purple markings if cooked quickly, with longer cooking time they will lose their colorful markings. Although the vines are delicate, they climb and need support or trellising.

Planting: direct seed or transplant from pots. Avoid allowing the plants dry out as they will be less productive.

Harvest: when pods are still a vibrant green but well filled out, shell and eat as a green bean or allow them to turn yellow, pick and dry indoors and eat as a dry bean.


Open Pollinated - 20 seeds/pkt.


Depth: 1"
Spacing: 12"
Full sun
Maturity: 60-90 days


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