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Cleome - Spider Flower

Cleome - Spider Flower


This 3-5 'tall annual from S. America is easy to grow and produces large, showy, purple flowers in abundance! This plant tolerates a wide variety of conditions from full sun to partial shade, but prefers full sun. Plants are drought tolerant, though will perform and produce an abundance of flowers, even in wet conditions.


An attractive plant with profusions of stunning flowers ranging in color from lavender to hot pink, is a beautiful when used as a background border or mixed with perennials. Flowers attracts beneficial insects and pollinators to the vegetable gardens, but be careful as the cleome can be an aggressive re-seeder.


Open Pollinated 

Approx. 50 seeds/pkt



Depth: 1/4"

Spacing: 4-6"

Sun or partial shade

Maturity: 60 days


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