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'Zenʻs' Long Bean


This Japanese heirloom pole bean is our "top pick "for a long producing and reliable bean in Hawaiiʻs semi-tropical climate. High in vitamin A, super hardy and easy to grow.  It is drought tolerant but also tolerates well-drained wetter conditions. Very disease and pest resistant (pod borers and Chinese beetles).


It is thought to have been brought to the Hawaiian Islands years ago by a Japanese family (date unknown). You can grow it year-round as a garden staple. These beans can take up to 2 to 3 months to flower and begin to produce. Provide a trellis or strong support about 5-6ʻ high.  This bean is a very robust grower.


Once the vine is producing harvest daily when beans are young, bright green and as thin as the size of a pencil, this will keep the plants productive. The young pods can be eaten as a cooked green bean. Once the pod gets “bumpy” and the color becomes dull green, they lose their tenderness and crispness. At this stage allow the bean to turn a golden yellow and collect the pods when they start turning light tan or yellow.  Dry in the pod until pod is brown and dry. A good precaution when storing dry beans to eliminate any possibility of bean borer eggs is to freeze them for a day, then remove from freezer, dry thoroughly and store.


Perfect sautéed, steamed or cooked in soups or stews, its' continual production and ease of growing makes it a perfect choice for our semi-tropical microclimates.


Open pollinated - 20 seeds/pkt.



Depth: 1/2"

Spacing: 16-18"

Full Sun

Days to Maturity: 65-80


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