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Meet a Seed Grower

Meet Jay Bost

Waimanalo, Oʻahu- Hawaiʻi

Jay, Nora, and Kailu, along with the growing number of new farmers in the GoFarm Hawai'i program, grow seed in Waimanalo on the island of Oahu. 


The farm is located at around 65' above sea level and has a relatively strong wet/dry seasonal split, receiving around 55" of rain annually.  The GoFarm Hawai'i plots have been managed using organic practices for the past 2.5 years with an emphasis on utilizing locally available nutrient inputs, cover cropping, and crop rotation. 


Due to the number and history of farms in Waimanalo, we experience high levels of pest and disease pressure which are two of our most significant selection criteria when looking for varieties that we want to grow and save seed from.  But we don't forget unique look and taste! 

Many of our varieties originate from other tropical areas of the world and have proven the most productive and/or interesting in our environment.  Thank you for your interest in our seeds!

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