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Thinking Like a Papaya

by Glenn Teves

Holistic production of papaya. Avoiding fungal issues, addressing nutritional needs and facing pest control challenges.


Growing Edible-Podded Peas in Your Garden

by Glenn Teves

Edible podded peas Pisum sativum var. macrocarpon are a productive and easy-to-grow garden vegetable. Also known as snow peas or Chinese peas in Hawaii they’re a loc...


Hawaii Organic Seed Summit

On March 25-26, the Hawai’i Seed Growers Network partnered with the Organic Seed Alliance (OSA) the leading national education, research, and advocacy organization advancing organic seed, UH Manoa CTAHR Extension, and GoFarm Hawai’i our statewide farmer training program, to bring the first statewide Organic Seed Conference to Hawai’i highlighting everyone’s work to develop more biodiverse local community food and agriculture resources.


The Ins and Outs of Growing Food in Hawai'i

Glenn Teves and The Conversation's Lillian Tsang

Listen is as long-time Molokai extension agent, Glenn Teves, talks about growing food in Hawai'i and the importance of variety selection.


Seed Diversity is Vital to the Future of Food

Nancy Redfeather, Glenn Teves, Jay Bost

The work of saving and breeding seed once made enormous contribution to Hawaii's agriculture - and it must again.


Commercial Vegetable Production in Hawaii - June, 1932

Frederick G. Krauss, Director of Agricultural Extension Service

This 1932 publication from Fred Krauss, Director of University of Hawaii's Agricultural Extension Service is a treasure of a resource, offering specific management techniques that are as relevant today as they were in 1932.


The Story of The Blue Lake Bean

Tony Pierucci

The Historic Courthouse Museum has a large collection of Native American baskets, particularly those created and used by the Eastern Pomo of Lake County. These works of art and utility rightfully garner a large amount of attention and are given a place of honor...


Pollination of Vegetable & Tree Crops

Learn more about specific pollination habits of tropical fruit trees and vegetables.


Pollinators in Hawai'i

UH Honey Bee Project

Most flowering plants rely on animal pollinators. Worldwide, there are over 200,000 species of animals involved in pollen transfer including birds, mammals, and insects, such as bees and flies. Animal-assisted cross-pollination is often required to fertilize flowers and for fruit formation...


List of Seed Saving Resources

Here you can find valuable information from experienced seed savers to help you deepen and increase your seed saving skills.


Finding A New Crop

Glenn Teves

"What crop should I grow?" is a common question farmers new and old commonly ask. With changing tastes and also changing weather, farmers have to stay ahead of the curve and not get complacent about what and how they farm. In a place where hundreds of different crops...


Pollinator Friendly Gardens


Our islands are a diversity of not only people, culture and ideas, but also climatic diversity. From the mountains to the shore, we have over 140 soil types and most of the climatic zones in the world. We have thousands of microclimates when you add in topography and how trees and windbreaks affect surface and air temperatures...

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