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Hawaiʻi Island

Meet a Seed Grower

Meet Gerry Herbert

& Nancy Redfeather

Kawanui Farm

Honalo, Hawaiʻi Island


Founded in 1998, Kawanui Farm  is a 1.2 acre mini-farm,  located at 1,500 ft. elevation in the uplands of Kona on the Island of Hawai’i. Before coming to Hawai’i, Gerry farmed in Potter Valley, Mendocino County from 1971-1995, and Nancy began growing home gardens in 1973 and has lived and gardened in Kona since 1978. Both have been growing and selecting seed at Kawanui since 1998. 


Our intention to build Kawanui Farm started 40 years ago. Our vision was to create a homestead that would sustain us, discover varieties of food crops that grow well in this environment (and we like to eat), and find ways to recycle on farm nutrients that build soil and plant health. We continue to occasionally offer workshops and farm experiences for the community that will deepen connections with the ‘Aina and build food self-reliance and sustainable organic systems for Hawai’i. We also support a yearly Intern.

Nancy retired from The Kohala Center in 2016, where she directed the Hawai’i Island School Garden Network (HISGN), the Ku’Aina Pa School Learning Garden Teacher Training program, FoodCorps Hawai’i, and the Hawai’i Public Seed Initiative (HPSI) for 10 years.  Gerry is a farmer, builder, and agricultural innovator and historian. 


Their farm website is

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 Kawanui Farm, located in the uplands of Kona,  is the home of Gerry Herbert and Nancy Redfeather.  Established in 1998, it is home to various long-term agricultural experiments, and ongoing home production including seed trials and selection work. 

Nancy and Gerry have been saving and selecting quality seed for the past 20 years in Kona.  Our focus has been to identify and grow, select and save many varieties of the tasty fruits and vegetables, grains and herbs that do well in our subtropical climate. You can visit their farm site at 

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