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Introducing French Marigolds

These brightly colored flowers will delight you with a blaze of orange color throughout the growing season while discouraging pests and root knot nematodes from the garden.

Local Seeds for Local Needs

Our Mission

To produce locally grown, resilient seeds that are adapted to Hawai`i's diverse microclimates with the goal of improving the success of farmers and gardeners.

Our NON-GMO, open pollinated, Landrace seeds are grown in earth friendly, agroecological, low-input, sustainable farming and gardening systems.


A Landrace vareity is a regional ecotype, locally adapted and corresponds to a domesticated species that has developed over time, through adaptation to its cultural environment of agriculture .

Our Vision

To support farmers and gardeners throughout Hawaiʻi by offering high-quality seeds that are grown and selected to thrive in our unique soils and climatic conditions. By maintaining a network of seed growers throughout the state, we offer a diverse selection of locally adapted seeds that enhance our ability to grow an abundance of nourishing food.


     Hawaiʻi's many microclimates create a diversity of unique requirements for our farmers and gardeners.  Seeds sourced from temperate areas are adapted to and selected for environmental conditions and requirements which are very different than what growers experience in subtropical regions. Our network of seed growers has been working together since 2010 to identify resilient varieties, grow and adapt them to our environments and the earth-friendly, agroecological, low-input, sustainable farming and gardening systems that we use.


     Our network developed as a result of the work initiated in 2011 by the Hawaiʻi Public Seed Initiative (a Program of The Kohala Center). Over the past years, we have identified crop varieties that have performed well in our specific regions. By saving the best seed from these varieties and sharing within our network to re-grow,  we are able to evaluate varietal performance in our diverse microclimates.  Local adaptation is an ongoing process that takes several generations of growing and selecting for desired agricultural and culinary characteristics. As we continue this work, we will offer additional select varieties to improve the success of your growing endeavors.

Why is Locally Grown & Adapted Seed Important to Your Growing Success?

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