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Hawaiʻi Island

Meet Shekinah Carrillo & Britton Price

Milk & Honey Farm

Pahoa, Hawaiʻi Island

 Initially our gardens were focused on European cultivars such as lettuce, kale, beets, chard, basil and herbs and grew to feed a 40 person Community Supported Agriculture program.  Finding such a large need for organic production farming on the island we grew to include lease-land in Waimea, the “breadbasket” of Hawai’i Island, where we produced massive amounts of beets, kale and squash for the Eastern side of Hawai’i Island.  After five years of maintaining two farms and caring for our growing family, we decided to pass the torch of production farming to our Waimea farm manager and refocus our full attention on our herd of Jersey cows and pasture management in Pahoa. 

We are currently operating a herd share, which includes five Jersey cows and 12 dairy goats.  Our focus is on maintaining herd health through pasture regeneration and soil maintenance.  Our vegetable fields are now producing tropical fodder plants, which the cows eat during milking and rainy days in the barn, as well as less intensive plants, such as taro, turmeric and sweet potato. 

Our homesteading journey began in 2002 when we reclaimed 20 acres of fallow jungle and began bio-intensive gardening and holistic grazing pasture management.  High rainfall and lava rock make farming challenging in this area however, our farm is blessed to be nestled in a “kipuka” of fertile volcanic soil.

"We are enjoying focusing on the plants that easily thrive in our subtropical region and are exploring producing seed for crops which we have found to be both productive and easy to grow in our climate."