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Hawai‘i Home Gardens Growing Vegetables in the Subtropics Using Holistic Methods.

Maui farmer and educator Evan Ryan and Lehua Vander Velde, an avid home gardener for 20 years, have just launched the new resource book Hawaii Home Gardens. This book is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to a successful home vegetable gardening experience. You can order a copy and have a look inside the book at!

This book is something really valuable for the Hawaiian community that includes detailed information, around 70 color photographs and another 30 hand drawings.

The book provides insight into design, implementation, and care, focusing on the challenges of growing food in the unique microclimates of Hawai‘i, including:

• Holistic design for subtropical climates

• Strategies for getting started and choosing which plants to grow

• Composting, cover crops, and fertilization

• Propagation and planting

• Irrigation and water conservation

• Seed saving to create locally-adapted varieties

• Preventing pests, diseases, and weeds

Implementing the strategies shared in Hawai‘i Home Gardens will save you time and money. This valuable resource will also inspire you to get out and grow! It will build confidence in home gardeners, both new and experienced, as well as landscape professionals, and beginning farmers.


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