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Ala Ka La Pepper

Ala Ka La Pepper


Capsicum Annum


This pepper was bred and grown out for 7 generations for the HSGN by Lyn Howe in Hawai'i. This seed was grown in Colorado where Lyn moved in 2017. It has performed well in both Hawai’i and Colorado. Presently, other members of the HSGN are trialing this seed and have reported very good results.


Ala Ka La (the path of the sun) shows good stability with slight variation in shape and size. Parent lines are the red short and stocky UH Kaala and the long yellow Hawaiian Sunray. This red sweet pepper has qualities of both parents. 


It has shown good disease resistance, grows short, stocky and strong and is highly productive with 7 to 15 beautiful, slightly elongated pimento-shaped 4 to 5” sweet red peppers that are great fresh or stuffed. Because plants are so productive and heavy with fruit, stake them to help avoid them falling over, which can cause sunscald. Staking also helps protect against wind damage. In Hawai'i peppers grow best in slight shade with 40% shade cloth or in a lightly shaded area. Ala Ka La is proving to be an exceptional new sweet pepper variety for Hawaii's wet and humid climate with a high level of disease pressure. For best germination soak seeds 3 days, start in pots and transplant out when 4 to 6" high.




Depth: 1/8th inch

Space: 12 - 18" 

Sun: Light shade 

Days to Harvest: 60 - 90 days

25 seeds per packet

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