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'Alan Chadwick Blue Lake' Green Pole Bean


A pole bean that produces plenty of straight, round, 6” long pods, stringless, crisp, tender and sweet, even at maturity. Long harvest period (2–3 months). Far superior in taste to any bush Blue Lake variety. If growing for seed, allow the pods to yellow and then turn brown on the vine in a dry season, or harvest and shell to dry when pod is yellow. Nitrogen fixing and open pollinated.


Alan Chadwick developed the French Intensive Method of Gardening and bred this bean while he was creating the U.C. Santa Cruz Student Garden Project beginning in 1967. This is my favorite green bean for Hawai’i, I have been growing and saving this seed for 20 years.

Grow on a trellis at least 4ʻ high.

Open pollinated - 25 seeds/pkt.


Depth: 1 in.    

Spacing: 6 in. 

Full Sun

Days to emerge: 7-10

Days to harvest:  30

Days to dry seed maturity: 50-60     

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