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Aloha Atitlan

Aloha Atitlan


Cucurbita Moschata

This robust tropical moschata squash population comes from the marriage of the local Hawaiian landrace squash (marketed as 'kabocha') with a unique green-black fleshed landrace from Lago Atitlan in Guatemala. The shape of the squash is variable from short butternut to chubby pear. The flesh has a high amount of dry matter meaning it stays relatively firm and sticky when cooked. Recommended to let sit for few weeks or longer on shelf to sweeten even more. Mature when peduncle (the stem connecting fruit to vine) is dry. Fruits mature green with biege mottling, but while storing change to all biege. Vines love to run wild so plant where lots of space.



Depth: 1"

Spacing: 6'

Full Sun

Days to Harvest: 75-100

10 Seeds per packet



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