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Beníquez bean

Beníquez bean


A vining white bean with multiple disease resistance adapted to the humid tropics. It was developed and released by the Puerto Rico and Nebraska Agricultural Experiment Stations, the USDA-ARS and the Instituto Dom. de Investigaciones Agropecuarias y Forestales.

During a multiple location variety trial on Oahu, ‘Beniquez’ showed relatively high yield and good overall performance with good weed competition abilities.  During tastings it scored highest among white beans.  Recommended to plant for seed maturity and harvest during dry conditions as seed can become discolored if not properly dried.


If you’re new to growing beans &/or don’t use organic methods, we recommend inoculating beans before planting. You can read more about innoculation here;



Spacing: Plant 1ft. apart 

Sun: Full Sun  

Depth: Sow 1/2" deep

Days to Maturity: Approximately 80 days to maturity

20 seeds per packet


More information from breeders available at:


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