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Brewbaker Brittle 9 Sweet Corn

Brewbaker Brittle 9 Sweet Corn


Zea mays

Open Pollinated


A breeding population of tropical corn master James Brewbaker who crossed inbreds derived from the famous Hawaiian Supersweet #9 open-pollinated population with six of his field corn breeding populations selected over decades for pest and disease resistance. This is vigorous and tall for a sweet corn, and produces a most delicious sweet corn. This is a "super sweet" corn resulting from the brittle-1 gene (bt1) uniquely used by Brewbaker as opposed to most super sweets which use the shrunken-2 gene (sh2). The brittle gene was found to have better adaptation to tropical soil conditions during germination. Released in 1998. Save some of your seeds to adapt to your conditions!


Corn is best planted in a block for good pollination. When growing the Brittle 9 sweet corn it is wise to protect it from cross-pollinating with other corn varieties. You can do this by timing your plantings of different varieties two to three weeks apart. 




Planting Depth: 1"

Spacing: 12"

Sun: Full sun

Days to Maturity: 65 - 70

60 seeds per packet

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