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Blue Butterfly Pea Vine

Blue Butterfly Pea Vine


(Clitoria Ternatea)


The Blue Butterfly Pea was collected on the island of Ternate in Indonesia in the 1800s by Johann Philipp Breyne a botanist from Germany and a contemporary of Charles Darwin, who was also working on evolution and natural selection. It is also called Pukingan, Asian pigeonwings, Blue bell vine, Darwin Pea and Bunga telang. The Blue Butterfly Pea Vine (Clitoria ternatea) is an exotic perennial in Hawaii that has many uses. It can be planted on fences or trellises as a screen, used fresh and whole in salads, young green pods can be cooked and eaten, or made into a variety of amazingly beautiful drinks. The Blue Pea is full of antioxidants and comes from tropical equatorial Asia. Known for its luminous indigo color, the dried flowers have been used in cooking to color desserts, or make a strikingly vibrant tea. Because it is a legume, it is a nitrogen soil builder and can be cut and bailed for a dry hay. It is also an attractor for bees and butterflies. To make tea from the Blue Butterfly Pea flowers: Simply steep 10 flowers, fresh or dried, in a cup of hot water, let sit 15 minutes.




Depth: 1"

Spacing 1-2 ft.

Maturity: 45-55 days

20 seeds per packet

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