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California Blackeye Cowpea no.5

California Blackeye Cowpea no.5


Vigna unguiculata


An old standard variety with vigorous, high-yielding vines. Originating in Africa, Black-eyed peas are easy to grow and are very popular in the southern U.S. and other warm areas. Technically a bean, the Blackeye Pea (or Southern Cowpea) has a large smooth seed, which is creamy white with a small black eye. Easy to grow and very high in protein (20%), low in fat, and high in Vitamin B1, they are an important addition to the diet in Hawai’i. Plants are vining, upright with 6-8 inch pods produced along the vine. Grow them on a trellis that is at least 4 feet high.


Harvest when the pods turn yellow, and dry in a breezy area. If the weather is dry you can leave them on the vine and let the pods turn brown before harvesting and shelling. When they are completely dry you can store them in a tight jar in your pantry. There are great recipes online and you will enjoy reading them. The peas can also be steamed fresh and eaten simply with a little salt, pepper, and butter!


A home garden favorite variety eaten fresh or dried. I love this variety because it cooks up so quickly. The night before I want to use them, I bring 1-2 cups of beans to a boil in water, take off the stove and wrap up in a towel overnight. By morning they only require a bit more cooking. I use them in all my Mexican dishes and in soups!


Grow on a tall trellis at least 4' high.

Open-pollinated and nitrogen-fixing.

Depth: 1"
Spacing: 4-6"
Full sun/partial
Maturity: 75 days

25 seeds per packet

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