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California Blackeye Cowpea no.5


Technically a bean, the Blackeye Cowpea or Southern Cowpea, has a large smooth seed, which is creamy white with a small blackeye. Very high in protein (20%), low in fat, and high in Vitamin B1. Plants are upright and semi-spreading with 6-8 inch pods produced at the top (crown) of the plant.


A Southern home garden favorite variety fresh or dried. Wilt and nematode resistant. I love this variety because it cooks up so quickly. The night before I want to use them, I bring 1 cup of beans to a boil in water, take off the stove and wrap up in a towel overnight. By morning they only require a bit more cooking. I use them in all my Mexican dishes and in soups!

Grow on a tall trellis at least 4ʻ.

Open-pollinated and nitrogen-fixing.

Depth: 1"
Spacing: 4-6"
Full sun/partial
Maturity: 75 days