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'Chimbu' Purple Winged Bean

'Chimbu' Purple Winged Bean


A strikingly beautiful and productive purple podded variety of wing bean from Papua New Guinea via the USDA.  Starts green and as pod matures wings get increasingly purple.  Good for warm weather.  Few pest and disease issues other than mites and aphids. Can be maintained for many months with flushes of flowering and fruiting.  Slow to start, seed germination may be improved by soaking and/or scarification.  Need to be picked often in order to catch pods before they get too big and fibrous.  Seeds are also edible as a pulse.


Open Pollinated - 20 seeds/pkt.


Cultivation: Important to either scarify the seed or soak overnight as the hard seed coat deters germination.
Depth: 1"
Spacing: 12-18"
Full sun
Maturity: 90-120 days


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