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Chinese Pink Celery

Chinese Pink Celery


Apium graveolens


Chinese Pink Celery is a Chinese heirloom Asian type celery that is used in cooking to impart a wonderful celery flavor to dishes. To me it is more of an herb than a vegetable, easy to grow and so beautiful. I cut the stalks and use them to start most dishes and soups, making a mirepoix of finely chopped carrots, onions, and pink celery stems and some leaves. It isn't a celery to stuff with peanut butter, think of it as a herbal celery imparting that delicate celery addition to your meals.


Start seed 8-10 weeks ahead. Surface sow, gently pressing into soil, keep slightly moist. Sprouts in 15-20 days. Plant in full sun or light shade, 10" apart

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