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Cilantro, Slow bolt

Cilantro, Slow bolt


Coriandrum sativum. 

Open Pollinated


A heat tolerant selection with large leaves. Direct seed about 2-3" apart in rows. Prefers partial sun and will bolt in summer. Plant regularly for a steady supply of this nutritious and flavorful herb. Plant the seeds in light, well-drained soil and space them 3-4 inches apart. Thin seedlings to 6 inches apart so that they have room to develop healthy leaves. Space rows about 12 inches apart. Sow the seeds at 3-4 week intervals for continued harvest. It is important to keep the seeds moist during their germination, so water the plants regularly. Water the seedlings regularly throughout the growing season. They require about 1 inch of water per week for best growth.


50 seeds per packet

Seeds grown on Molokai

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