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'Lualualei' Pole Bean

'Lualualei' Pole Bean


Lualualei is a long flat-podded bean, which grows in clusters.  It was used in 60's by UH Manoa and seed is now hard to find.


Harvest continuously for 6-8 weeks or longer for longer production. Water deeply during dry spells, as beans need constant soil moisture to develop properly. Feed pole varieties, once at planting time and again as beans start to form. Because beans fix N when inoculated properly, they should require low N. After they flower, apply light N, avoid potassium.  Pinch off the growing tips of pole beans when plants reach the top of their support system. Harvest for green bean when pods are young and the seeds are not lumpy. If the pods are lumpy or yellowing, the beans are too mature and can be left on the vine and picked later to use as dry beans.


Lualualei is a very good dry bean with smooth light brown seeds that cook up nicely. As a green cooked bean, pick very young to prevent tough, stringy texture. 


 Open Pollinated - 25 Seeds/pkt.


Depth: 1.5"
Spacing: 6-8"
Full sun
Maturity: 60-80 days


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