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Hawaiian Sunray Sweet Pepper

Hawaiian Sunray Sweet Pepper


Gorgeous golden-yellow Italian heirloom Corno di Toro type and now available adapted to Hawaii.  6-10 in. long curved, tapered fruit shaped like a bull's horn with thin skin and thick walls, average weight 3.8 oz/pepper. Each plant produces lots of very sweet fruits in a successional manner, providing you with delicious, sweet and beautiful peppers to eat over a long time.


Very productive tall plants that require good staking or pinch out the growing tips for bushier plants. Plants enjoy lots of light, at least 4 hours a day, but In hot sunny areas provide part day shade or grow under 20% shade cloth. In higher elevations with cooler temperature grow during the warmer seasons as flowers do not form and fruit will not set if the temperature is much below 62°F for most of the day. In rainy areas plant will produce longer if under protection from rain.


They are sweetest when they are at least 90% yellow, but also are great as a green pepper. Store in a plastic bag in the fridge for several days up to 2 weeks, or chop and freeze for up to six months. Can also be dried. Eat raw, fried, stuffed or grilled, a wonderful sweet taste, also cherished by chefs. 


Open Pollinated - 25 seeds/pkt.
Depth: 1/16"

Spacing: 16-24"

Sun/partial shade

Days to Maturity: 70-80

Germination: Can be 2 to 3 weeks in cool weather - Donʻt give up!

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