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Japanese White Hulless Popcorn

Japanese White Hulless Popcorn


Zea Mays Everta


Japanese White Hulless Popcorn is an open-pollinated heirloom selection that was grown and selected for many years in Kona , Hilo and Puna and proved to be a popcorn variety well suited for Hawaii’s gardens and environments.  A true "popcorn lovers popcorn” - once you taste it you will want to grow it every year.  The origins of this variety are obscured, but it was first offered in the Livingston Seed Catalog in 1918.  Neither from Japan nor hulless, this variety will quickly become your favorite.  The first time I tasted this popcorn I realized that I had never really tasted a good popcorn before. The selection is an old favorite with medium size pure white kernels that are extremely tender, in fact when you chew them they seem to dissolve in your mouth.  This is by far the most tender popcorn I have ever tasted.  Popcorn varieties in the US are quickly disappearing; in 1900 there were 52 varieties of OP Popcorn listed in seed catalogs and today there are very few left.  This variety is highly recommended for all School Gardens!  


When planting popcorn, plant in a block of rows instead of one long row, as you will have much better pollination. Corn is wind pollinated and you can "encourage" better pollination by occasionally shaking the flower stalks as they are shedding pollen.  Popcorn should be harvested from the field when the outside husk and silks turn brown and the silks shrivel.  I like to take the outside husk off and dry the corn cobs by hanging them in bunches on my breezy and cool porch. Popcorn must be thoroughly dry before taking the kernels off the cob in a bowl on your lap.  When dry, the kernels come off easily.  Before popping, do a test run with 10-20 kernels and make sure it is dry enough to pop well.  If not, more drying will be needed in Hawaii’s moist environment. Occasionally I put the kernels in my solar dryer for ONE additional day, then try another popping. Store in a tight fitting glass jar on the shelf. There is a very useful tool called a Hand Popcorn Sheller, available easily on the internet that is totally worth the $8 price!   Bon Appetit!

Seeds grown on Hawai'i Island.


Open Pollinated

60 seeds per packet



Depth: 1-1/2 - 2" deep

Germination: 7 to 14 days

Spacing:  8" apart

Maturity: 85 - 110 days

Plant from early February to July in Hawaii

Each plant grow 4-5 feet tall with 1-2 long slim ears per plant.

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