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Kahala Soybean

Kahala Soybean


A green-seeded vegetable type soybean variety developed by the University of Hawai’i with good yields and good for edamame. Most vegetable soybean varieties will have good growth and production only when planted between March and August, but the Kahala Soybean was developed for shorter days and will perform well throughout winter months. 


Diseases are not often a serious problem with vegetable soybeans in Hawaii. Root-knot nematodes will not be a problem as the Kahala variety is resistant. Newly emerging seedlings are very susceptible to bird injury, cover with a light row cover or wire-mesh screen slightly raised above the soil. Remove the protective covering soon after the seedlings have developed.


For edamame, harvest when pods are filled out, but green. Also, traditionally harvested fully dry and used as a dry bean. The whole plant is usually pulled when a majority of the pods are well-filled, but before the pods turn yellow.


Open Pollinated - 25 Seeds/pkt.


Depth: 1-1.5"
Spacing: 5"
Full sun
Maturity: 65 days


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