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Lettuce Mix

Lettuce Mix

We garden teachers know lettuce as the “gateway vegetable”. Everyone has heard of it, most people have tried it, but once you have grown it yourself, you won't want to go back! Your lettuce will taste better than any you can buy! The students at Innovations PCS have grown and processed seed of our two favorite varieties and we wanted you to have both to try, so we created the first HSGN mix! 
The first variety is “Loma” a crisp Batavian type that is beautiful, crunchy, and filling! This heat tolerant medium green lettuce is also sweet and delicious. If you like a lettuce with substance this one is for you! It is easier to grow than a Romaine but equally satisfying and hardier than the Butterhead types.  
The second lettuce is “Hawaiian Sunset”, a red oak leaf that was bred by Russell Nagata, a lettuce breeder from Hilo and performs well in warm, wet conditions. Hawaiian Sunset is a beautiful red-bronze color with a crisp texture and fluffy leaves.  
Both of these lettuces can be used for whole head production or cut and come again. They will have better color and crispness in the winter months, but will do well also in the heat of summer.


When you have both of these red and green lettuces in the same salad, the stunning visual and the crisp taste will be quite memorable.



Depth: 1/4" - 1/2", barely cover seed

Spacing: 8-12"

Full Sun

Days to Maturity: 50 Days

40 seeds per packet

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