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Manoa C Pea

Manoa C Pea


Pisum sativum


The Manoa C is a sugar pea developed in Manoa by the UH breeder James Gilbert during the same project that led to Manoa Sugar, a variety offered to this day by the UH Seed Lab. The Manoa C is perfect for anyone who loves both a small sugar pea for salads and stir-fry OR can let it develop a bit more in it’s pod and use it as a shelling green pea! I usually grow it on a 4-foot trellis and loosely tie it around with twine as it is a very abundant producer and the weight of the pods can pull the vine down. Picking every few days is essential, and you could save your own seed from those pods that are just too mature. The pea is sweet and the vine is shorter and more compact than the Manoa Sugar.


Manoa C found its way back to Hawai'i from the collection of Oregon State University breeder Jim Myers, who inherited it from his predecessor. Publications from the 1950's mention a Manoa A and a Manoa B strain from Jim Gilbert's work, so we are assuming that Manoa C was a later variety developed by him. The Manoa C is a much smaller vine than Manoa Sugar, which can get very large.

For a deep dive into how to grow peas, please go to our Resources Page and use the pull-down menu to access UH CTAHR Extension Agent, Glenn Teves' white paper on Growing Edible Podded Peas in Your Garden.



Planting Depth: 1"

Spacing: 3-4"

Sun: Full Sun

Days to harvest: 55-65


Seeds grown in Kainaliu in mauka Kona

25 seeds per packet 


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