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Molokai Dandelion

Molokai Dandelion



I have a deep affinity for the perennial Dandelion, but it took many years to find a variety that wanted to grow in Hawaii. Twenty seven years ago, I found a few plants growing under a tree on Molokai, brought the seeds home, planted them, and finally found a variety that was well adapted to Hawaii. Dandelions have a beneficial effect on the whole garden as their use in Biodynamic Agriculture attests. Their bitter greens are nutritious steamed or raw in salads, their flowers excellent for tea and pollinators, their root when roasted a great coffee substitute. Check out more benefits:

When I was a child, I remember my father on his knees every Saturday morning digging Dandelions out of his Dichondra lawn, but I look at them more like grandchildren, when they come up in an area I just leave them be. Watch a Dandelion unfold in a 2 min. time-lapse video:



Planting Depth: Press seeds lightly into prepared garden soil or start in a small pot and transplant, keep moist – 14-21 days to germinate.

Plant spacing: 12 inches apart

Plant in full sun. Heat, drought, and rain tolerant

Days to maturity: The plant will begin flowing 3 months after planting. Dandelions are perennial and easy to remove if they come up in an unwanted areas. Leaves and flowers can be picked anytime, but roots should be harvested after 1-2 years, dried and roasted, or made into a tincture.

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