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Molokai Lettuce Mix

Molokai Lettuce Mix


I have been experimenting with lettuce varieties at Puakala Farm, my family farm on the Hawaiian Homesteads at Ho'olehua on Moloka'i for a long time. I am always looking for hardy varieties that are slow to bolt and can withstand the heat. This is a lettuce mix that would include our own UH Manoa variety, Manoa Leopard (a cross with spots from Frank Morton), Elf Ears (a green oak leaf vafriety and another one of Frank Morton's varieties), Queensland (a cos-type lettuce that is very slow bolting), and other varieties that all grow well in Hawai'i. Most likely most of these you have not grown before. So, create a "community pot" (a 6-8 inch pot filled with moist planting soil, and a light sprinkling of the seed and see what comes up for you). When the leaves have at least one pair of true leaves they could be transplanted to a flat and grown up a little before transplanting out. That way you can rogue out any starts that don't seem to be doing well in your environment. Experimenting with new lettuce varieties is so important for your home garden...have fun!


Varieties included in the Moloka'i Mix: Manoa, Manoa Leopard, Manoa 77, Hilo Green, Anuenue, Concept, Pandero, Elf Ears, Queensland, Orcas, Blondie, Jadeite, Irene Green Gem.


Locally Grown on the Island of Moloka'i

40 seeds per packet 



Planting Depth: 1/8", cover seeds very lightly - lettuce needs light to germinate

Spacing: 4-12", smaller spacing for baby greens and larger spacing for full heads

Sun: Full to partial sun

Days to maturity: 50 to 60 days



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