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Moringa PKM-1 / Kalamungai

Moringa PKM-1 / Kalamungai


Moringa oleifera


This is a very high-yielding strain from India known for its tender leaves. Moringa is a multi-purpose tree revered for its medicinal and health restoring properties. All parts of the plant are eaten. PKM-1 is one of the most productive varieties in India with compact growth, high stick production, and high quality leaves with a refined flavor. Heat and drought tolerant and prefers well drained soil. 


Sow individual seeds 1" deep in small pots (3-4" in diameter) in healthy well-drained soil. Grow in pots until roots fill pots and then transplant into a sunny area in the ground 8-10 feet apart. Plants are durable and can handle a wide range of weather conditions. Pruning will keep the plants compact and facilitate ease in harvesting leaves, flowers, young pods, and sticks. Relatively pest free and easy to grow. However, trees are not wind resistant and will snap soft, young branches and prefer protection from strong winds. Plants can flower 6 to 9 months after transplanting depending on the season of the year, but will bear heavy when allowed to grow for a year. Leaves can be harvested in a few months and tips can be broken off to encourage more compact growth. Young pods (less than a pencil width) can be eaten like young, long beans. 


To learn more about the benefits of moringa, check out this informative research paper written by by CTAHR agent, Ted Radovich:


Seeds grown on Molokai / 10 seeds per packet

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