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Moschata Squash, Molokai Mix

Moschata Squash, Molokai Mix


Curcurbita moschata


This nutritious and underutilized vegetable is even more important today with the ongoing food security issues we face in Hawai'i. The Moschata squash's ability to store for a couple of months or more is one of this vegetable's most important attributes. High in Vitamin A and C, many minerals including: K, Ca, P, Mg and Cu, and rich in diverse bioactive compounds that are important to our body's good health. These large, attractive squash also make great edible fall decorations.


This beautiful vegetable deserves an important place in the garden, but needs to be planted near the edges or in difficult areas to grow. You can even try growing these squash along a low woody shrub to help keep it from overrunning your garden. The Molokai Mix is a mixture of varieties including a Filipino, Chinese, and Australian line - all with strong tolerance to viruses and powdery mildew. Save your best squash for seed and replant. 

Seeds grown and saved on Molokai. 10 seeds per packet. Germation rate of 98%



Depth: 1"

Spacing: Give at least 4' in rows and 10' in between bed rows 

Sun: Full to partial sun

Days to maturity: depending upon daylenth and fertility 60-75 days 

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