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Mystery Hot Chili Pepper

Mystery Hot Chili Pepper


Yes, the name of this pepper is a mystery. This is a compact growing medium hot chili pepper that was brought to Utah via Mexico and then swapped for seeds of a Hawaiian Chili Pepper, and then grown out on Molokai! Sometimes this happens, the name of a seed gets lost accidentally. It is twice the size of the Hawaiian hot chili pepper and it is very productive. It dries to a beautiful deep red. I'm sure you've seen those long strands of dried hot chili peppers gracing the wall of kitchens in the Southwest...well now you can make your own with this local seed. Here is a short you-tube video created by Riverford Organic Farms that shows how to dry and string your hot chili peppers.


Locally Grown on the Island of Moloka'i

25 seeds per packet 



Depth: 1/4" - 1/2"

Spacing: 24"

Sun: Full sun

Days to Maturity: 60-90 days



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