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'Nalo Orange' Corn


Nalo Orange is a tropically adapted flint corn variety with high beta carotene content.  Developed in Waimanalo by crossing six of Dr. Brewbaker's disease resistant populations (syns 1-6 ;  with with Frank Kutka's high beta-carotene line (  The cross between these two populations has been subsequently selected for seven generations under organic conditions in Waimanalo for disease resistance, virus tolerance, and darkest orange kernels.  Still a work in process with some variability for disease and virus resistance, days to maturity, and kernel color.  Recommended for hot weather and longer days.  Excellent for grits, corn meal, polenta, animal feed.


Open Pollinated - 30 seeds/pkt.


Depth: 1-2"
Spacing: 12-24" For best pollination plant in blocks. 
Full sun

Maturity: 85-100 days