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Old Brooks Tomato

Old Brooks Tomato


Old Brooks produces an abundance of medium to large tomatoes and is an excellent addition to Hawaii's home gardens. This indeterminate tomato has many wonderful qualities, and is proving itself to perform well in Honoka'a on the Big Island. Early trials of this heirloom variety with beautiful, round, red fruit has shown resistant to late blight, blossom end rot and cracking.  This variety has also shown an ability to resist fruitfly stings in Honoka'a, which can be a big issue in some parts of Hawaii. Old Brooks is a heavy producer with wonderful complex, well-balanced, tangy flavors and is great for eating fresh in salads. sandwiches or for salsa. The large fruit are also great for canning, stewing and making soups or even tomato sauce! 

Old Brooks requires trellising with a cage, stakes or support along fencing. It also grows well in generous pots - 10 gallons or larger, provided you supply plenty of support from a tomato cage. For best performance, be sure to keep up with pruning to reduce excess leaves, suckers and reduce diseases! Here's a video to help give you guidance and tips on how to best prune your tomatoes

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