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Orcas Lettuce

Orcas Lettuce


Orcas Lettuce: Orcas Lettuce is a mid-sized Manoa Leopard selection about 9” across at full size. It’s leaves are densely wrinkled or savoyed with short broad leaves, and it’s color is medium green with red spots. Frank Morton’s Wild Garden Seed is a treasure trove of interesting new lettuce varieties bred on his farm in Oregon, and this one has been adapted for Hawai’i. If you like unusual colors with good crunch in your lettuce give this one a try!


Locally grown on the Island of Moloka'i

40 seeds per packet 



Planting Depth: 1/8", cover seeds very lightly - lettuce needs light to germinate

Spacing: 4-12", smaller spacing for baby greens and larger spacing for full heads

Sun: Full to partial sun

Days to maturity: 50 to 60 days

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