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Papaya, Molokai Sunrise

Papaya, Molokai Sunrise


Molokai Sunrise is a papaya cultivar selected for Ho'olehua Molokai conditions.

Growing guidelines: soak seeds in water overnight. Start individual seeds by sowing ½” deep in 2 inch cells. Germination takes place in about 1-2 weeks. Transplant to the ground or grow out in a larger pot for larger plants. Plant 7 feet apart in clusters of 3 transplants. When plants show their sex, cull out to one plant saving the healthiest hermaphrodite. (Stocky, flowers low on the plant.) To learn more about growing papaya click on our Resources tab, select Educational Resources, and then "Thinking Like a Papaya". This paper was written by long-time CTAHR agent Glenn Teves and offers very useful information for successfully growing papaya trees. 


20 seeds per packet 

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