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Pearly White Flint Corn

Pearly White Flint Corn


Zea Mays


A marriage of far flung maizes from Antigua and Zimbabwe, this population of white corn is excellent for pozole/hominy.


When planting corn, plant in a block of rows instead of one long row, as you will have much better pollination. Corn is wind pollinated and you can “encourage”  better pollination by occasionally shaking the flowers stalks as they are shedding pollen. Corn should be harvested from the field when the outside husk and silks turn brown and the silks shrivel.  I like to take the outside husk off and dry the corn cobs by hanging them in bunches on my breezy and cool porch.  Corn must be thoroughly dry before taking the kernels off the cob in a bowl placed in your lap. When corn is sufficiently dry,  the kernels will come off easily by rubbing with your hands.

Seeds grown on O'ahu.


Open Pollinated

60 seeds per packet



Planting Depth: 1"

Spacing: 12"

Full Sun

Days to Maturity: 100-110 


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