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Kaala Sweet Pepper

Kaala Sweet Pepper


A 3' high plant with abundant brilliant red, 3-4" sweet peppers that hold up well in wet humid conditions.  Produces 2 to 3 crops of a multitude of peppers. Great raw or cooked, a "must have" for Hawaii's home gardeners.


This variety was released by CTAHR (Hawaii) in the early 1990ʻs, developed for places in Hawaii and the sub-tropics that have limited sweet pepper production due to a bacterial wilt disease and Ralstonia solanacearum.  Kaʻala was the result of cross breeding between 'Chabai Merah' a standard cayenne-type pepper grown in Western Malaysia, After 15 years of continuous selection 'Kaʻala' was introduced. It is resistant to Bacterial Wilt and tolerant to root knot nematodes.


Continuously harvest for longer production, peppers will turn bright red when ripe but are also tasty as a green pepper.



Open Pollinated - approx 25 seeds/pkt.



Depth: 1/4"
Spacing: 18-24"
Full sun/partial shade
Maturity: 65-75 days


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