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Picotee Cosmos

Picotee Cosmos


Cosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus) derive their name from a Greek word meaning “a balanced universe”. They belong to the Asteraceae family, which includes sunflowers, daisies and asters. Delicate, low maintenance flowers will brighten and balance your garden with an abundance of sweet, ruffled, multi-colored blooms. Diverse flowers are bi-colored and range in hue from white with dark pink piping toa pale, rosy pink with bright magenta serrated across the petals, and more. Pollen packed centers will attract many beneficial insects including butterflies, bees and moths.These sturdy, annual plants are quick growing and will bloom continuously for 2-4 months. Cosmos are easy to save seed from and you can try leaving your favorite flowers on the plant to mature and make seed for next season. Cosmos thrive in a sunny spot. Provide regular water, light fertilizerand mulch. They are easy to grow and will tolerate partial shade and drought. Cosmos are best planted in a group or block where they inner-weave their thick stalks and hold each other up. Plants that are provided well nourished soil will grow to 6’ in height and benefit from staking to protect against strong wind. 


Open Pollinated - 30 seeds/pkt.



Start in pots and transplant, as seedlings grow slowly and are easy to get lost in the garden.
Depth: 1/16”
Spacing: 12-18”
Full sun to partial shade
Maturity: 75-90 days (annual)



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