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Red Aji Mango Peruvian Chili Pepper

Red Aji Mango Peruvian Chili Pepper


The Aji Mango is a moderate to hot Peruvian chili. When we began growing it at our farm in Honoka'a, it produced fruits in a variety of shapes and colors. This Red Aji Mango Chili Pepper seed was selected specifically for its red color and blocky shape. Plants can grow to 3-5 feet tall and bear an abundance of beautiful, glossy red peppers, up to 2" long. Fruits start off green and are ripe when red. The fruity flavor is great dried or used fresh in chutneys, hot sauces, curries, salsa, chili or pickled! 

Seeds grown in Honoka'a, Big Island

25 seeds per packet



Planting depth: 1/4"

Spacing: 2"

Sun: Full Sun

Days to Maturity: 80-90 days

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