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Red Lady Papaya

Red Lady Papaya


Papaya carica

A very compact variety with large fruits 1-3 pounds in size with bright reddish orange flesh. This variety is very sweet with a fruity aftertaste and perfumy fragrance reminiscent of cantaloupe. First large leaves will touch the ground and the tree will bear fruit about 2 feet from the ground. Seeds are originally from Kauai. Either direct seed or plant individual seeds in 2” cells or 2 seeds in 4 inch cells. Use well balanced and well drained soil with a pH close to 6 and allow them to dry before irrigating. Transplant 3 seedlings about 6-9 inches apart in rows followed by a 8 foot space between next transplanting. At first flowering determine sex of tree by examining flowers and cull out females (roundish fruits) and weak hermaphrodites leaving one hermaphrodite plant every 8 feet. Papaya requires wind protection but also need good air circulation to minimize fungus issues such as powdery mildew, black spot, and anthracnose.   


To learn more about how to identify male, female and hermaphrodite flowers read this helpful paper by CTAHR by clicking on the 'Papaya' link at the very top of this description. 

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