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Roselle Rouge / Hibiscus tea plant

Roselle Rouge / Hibiscus tea plant


Hibiscus sabdariffa


An excellent variety of roselle with large calyces (the fleshy sepals) which are harvested and used fresh or dried for teas, jams, syrups, etc.  The calyces of Rouge (found in a trial of 15 varieties of Hibiscus sabdariffa from the USDA) are large, loose around the seed pod and so easy to peel and have nice red color and beautiful shape.  Plant from May-July, flowering occurs around Fall equinox triggered by shortening days.  The earlier planted, the larger the plants will get before flowering.  Harvested from Thanksgiving to New Years.  Start in nursery and transplant into field/garden.   They can get BIG (4' wide and 4' tall).  Avoid water logged soils and over-irrigating as can die in such conditions from Phytophthora.  Few other disease issues, aphids and/or mealy bugs can become an issue.  Treat to control if around harvest as if they build up to high populations in calyces can make harvesting and processing more difficult/nasty.  Young leaves make tart and beautiful addition to salad mixes.  Also grown as a leaf vegetable in India, Fiji, and elsewhere.

Open pollinated - 20 seeds/pkt.


Cultivation: Roselle seeds germinate sporadically, so we have put more seeds in each packet for your success.
Depth: 3/4"-1"
Spacing: 24"
Full sun
Maturity: Harvest calyces 20 days after flowering. Plants take about 6 months to mature and flower.


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