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Acmella Oleracea


Spilanthes is a low growing medicinal herb and edible garden green that grows well in Hawaii.  She is known as the “toothache plant” because when the flowers are eaten they cause the mouth to go numb and the salivary glands to produce!  This lovely and unusual conical shaped flower is highly regarded by tiny beneficial garden insects.  We have seen a wide array of tiny predatory wasps and even the Hawaii native Hylaeus Bee feeding on the flowers.  The plant is a good ground cover and is one that regenerates itself. Across many cultures Spilanthes has a place in medicine and on the table. Give it a search on the internet to see the wide array of health benefits she touts! 


Planting info:


Depth: 1/4"

Spacing: 12-18"

Full Sun

Maturity: 120 days

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