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Tsunga Mustard

Tsunga Mustard


A green staple in Zimbabwe, Tsunga is pest-tolerant due to its hot mustard taste. Harvest continuously and best taste in leaves 3-4” long. Boil until soft. Used in traditional Zimbabwean dishes.


Nutritional value: Contains only 2/3 gram of fat in one cooked cup. An excellent source of fat-soluble antioxidant vitamins, a high source of vitamin A (in the form of carotenoids) and vitamin E.

Mustard greens are one of the few foods high in flavonoids kaempferol, isorhamnetin, and quercetin, as well as the phenolic antioxidant ferulic acid. With respect to isorhamnetin—a flavonoid that has been of special interest in several cancer-related studies—mustard greens were shown to have the second highest concentration of this flavonoid.


Open Pollinated - approx. 50 seeds


Cultivation: Plant every 3 weeks for continuous harvest.

Depth: 1/8”

Spacing: 1.5"

Thin: to 3-5"

Sun/ partial shade



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