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Violet's Multi-Colored Butter Bean

Violet's Multi-Colored Butter Bean


An old time favorite heirloom pole bean, easy to grow, good flavor and texture. From Banks County Georgia and saved by 4 generations of Violet Brady Westbrook’s family.


A rainbow of colors – cream, beige, red-brown, and violet with speckles and swirls. The unusual appearance is due to natural, complex genetics that causes mottling and solid colored seed coats to be expressed in every generation. Small seeds cook up quickly and have a great flavor fresh or dried. 3-5 in. pods with good disease and drought resistance. This is the best lima we have ever grown. Keeps on producing 2-3 crops per sowing. The plant has deep roots and does well in wet or dry weather. Pick the beans when they are ready (pod is tan) don’t leave on the bush. If you are saving for a dried bean, shell and set out to dry soon after picking. Cooks quickly, use in soups or stews, excellent green, steamed with butter and salt. A tall pole bean, grow on a tall trellis.

Open-pollinated and nitrogen-fixing.


20 seeds/pkt.



Depth: 1"
Spacing: 4-6"
Maturity: 60 days

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