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Please note that all orders are filled and shipped on the 15th and 30th of each month.

Winged Bean, Molokai Mix

Winged Bean, Molokai Mix


Psophocarpus tetragonolubus 


The Molokai Mix Wing Bean is a mix of at least 3 varieties, including a purple and two brown seeds. Hardy vines can produce for over a year if well cared for. Grow on a tall trellis or teepee. Heat tolerant and high in protein and fiber, and high in Thiamine, Ca, Mg, Mn, P, and Zn. Young pods can be stir fried or added to soups. Mature seeds contain 35% protein. Flowers are used to color rice. Soak overnight to enhance germination. These are rare seeds and very good for sustainable garden systems. Save seed and replant in your garden.


Seeds grown on Molokai.

10 seeds per packet. 

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