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Happiness Held in the Seed is Shared in the Flower: Spring Ideas for Hawaii’s Home Gardens

Spring. A season as beautiful as its name. A season that reminds us to embrace joy and love. A season that reminds us that change is the only constant. A season that reminds us that nature is the best artist and to appreciate the little things. A season that inspires us to spring clean not just our home but our life too. A season when we bid adieu to winter and welcome new beginnings, new hope, and new possibilities.

Even in the subtropics of Hawaii, Springtime is the land awakening. The garden has “rested” through the winter months, and now new life energy springs forth from every plant and tree, the sun shines warmer and brighter as the days lengthen to the Summer Solstice. The birds sing sweetly, the wild chickens have chicks gathered around their outstretched feathers, and the wild multi-colored piglets cavort as the mangos drop. Spring is Mother Nature at her best, and naturally a gardener’s thoughts turn to planting seeds for food and flowers.

Don’t wait for someone to bring you flowers. Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul. ~ Luther Burbank

All flower seeds on the Hawaii Seed Growers Network Online Marketplace were grown in Hawaii’s gardens and farms for many generations. They are offered because they not only work, but most of them will reseed themselves time after time, creating a colorful surprise that pollinators and people will appreciate for years to come.

Flowers bring beauty and pollinator life to the garden and sometimes the insects are so small you can barely see them, but they will find and feed on the flower nectar.

I have an idea for you….this year you could try something a bit wild and splashy. Here is an example of a beautiful flower garden you could create in a 4 X 10 or 4 X 20 foot area. Just envision…..

The Roselle (Tea Hibiscus that tastes like cranberry), the long draping Love Lies Bleeding, and the Mexican Sunflower are all taller flowering plants would be stunning together across the back of a bed.

The medium tall Orange Cosmos, Cleome, and Picotee Cosmos would be planted in front or to the side and the shorter Hawai'i Marigolds and Love in the Mist in front. It would be a red, orange & purple Riot!

Oranges and reds always look pleasing with purples and blues so perhaps a small trellis or “teepee” of the Blue Butterfly Pea toward the back would give real character to the bed.... I can see it now.

"Minds are like flowers, they open when the time is right.” ~ Stephen Richards

"The beautiful spring came; and when nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also." ~Harriet Ann Jacobs

First, take time to prepare your bed, which means removing unwanted plants and weeds and loosening the top few inches of the soil if it feels hard from the winter. Depending on how fertile your soil is, you may want to start some or all of the flowers in pots, and bring them up to 4-5 inches tall before transplanting. If your soil seems to easily start seeds you could try seeding the whole thing at once and water the seeds in. Don’t forget to add compost!

There is another way to also bring flowers, pollinators and beauty into your garden. Some flowers and the flowers of herbs actually “repel” pests. Marigolds, Dill, Green Onions, Cilantro and many others repel certain garden insects. There are many websites that talk about this, but I like the Wikipedia site that has a list of pest repelling flowers, herbs, and vegetable

“Becoming a mother forced me to have hope.” ~Nefertiti Austin

Mothers Day is coming up on Sunday, May 8 and is the perfect time to give your beloved 'Gardener Mom' a Gift Certificate to the Hawaii Seed Growers Network Online Marketplace.

She could choose her own vegetable, herb, flowers, or other varieties that she would like to try in her garden this growing season. Also, you might offer to help her this year get the garden going, doubling up your gift.

It’s always wonderful to offer your help to someone planting their garden, especially your Mom!

If you would like to share photos of your growing or finished flower garden, click on this link to view a Wall Board I set up on Padlet where you can post photos and or descriptions of your Spring and Summer Gardens. I’ll post one of mine to get you started. Just double click anywhere on the board to get started, or click on the icon in the bottom right hand corner.

Wishing all Moms reading this a very nurturing and relaxing Mother’s Day, and for everyone, may all your Spring Gardens be productive, beautiful, and give you a lot of pleasure!


Hawai’i Seed Growers Network

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